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29/12/2017 Happy New Year
TBSS analysis results based on Coma Patient set
05/07/2017 New impact factors are available.
02/05/2017 optimal control simulation package blOCh is accessible at GitHub.
30/12/2016 Happy New 2017 Year
05/07/2015 New impact factor report.
26/06/2015 6th UHF symposium, Berlin
11-16/05/2014 ISMRM Milan Conference
28/06/2013 New impact factor report.
19-26/04/13 ISMRM meeting in Salt Lake City, USA
03-05/04/13 Volkswagen Stiftung Conference, Mental Health, Hannover, Germany
23/12/12 Merry Christmas and Happy New 2013 Year
12/11/2012 Some movies from TBSS analysis
04-06/10/2012 ESMRMB Conference. Lisbon, Portugal.
20-22/09/2012 ESMRMB Lectures: Animal imaging. Muenster, Germany.
9-13/09/2012 Magnetic Resonance in Porous Media 11, Guildford, UK
05/07/2012 New impact factor report.
28-30/06/2012 ESMRMB Lectures: Parallel Imaging, Wuertzburg.
01/01/2012 Happy New Year.
01/02/2012 Two ISMRM abstracts are accepted.
8-10/12/2011 ESMRMB Lectures: RF pulse design and applications, Essen, Germany.
3/12/2011 Medical Image Analysis manuscript is accepted.
5-9/10/2011 ESMRMB 2011, Leipzig, Germany.
16/09/2011 The manuscript to Journal of Magnetic Resonance is accepted.
13/07/2011 Short list of the popular journal impact factors
13/06/2011 The basic structure of the webpages is built and posted